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What are School Programs?

School programs - or more precisely: historical school programs - were written and published by teachers of higher schools primarily in the 19th and early 20th centuries in the German-speaking area. In principle, these were annual reports of the schools and scientific papers of about 4 to 50 pages, which either appeared together in a booklet with the annual reports or were published as a separate part - possibly marked as "Beilage zum Jahresbericht" (supplement to the annual report).

Translated from: Bibliotheksdienst Vol 45. (2011), Issue 3/4, Pages 233–249.

About the material

The ULB Düsseldorf owns a collection of about 40,000 school programs. In 2009, work began on sifting through the collection, re-sorting it, cataloging it and digitizing the public domain portion. After completion of the project in October 2014, the collection of school programs with around 1.3 million images and around 38,000 volumes is available online.