Longolius' Library

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Longolius’ library is the private library of the Lower Rhenish humanist Gisbert Longolius (originally Gijsbert van Langerack, born 1507 in Utrecht, Netherlands, died May 30, 1543 in Cologne, Germany). The 123 titles of the collection are registered and certain parts made accessible in depth in the monograph “Der Kölner Professor Gisbert Longolius – Leibarzt Erzbischof Hermanns von Wiede – und die Reste seiner Bibiliothek in der Universitätsbibliothek Düsseldorf” (Professor Gisbert Longolius of Cologne – personal physician to Archbishop Hermann von Wiede – and the remains of his library in the University Library Düsseldorf).

The special value of this collection lies in the marginal notes and in the glosses, which are ascribed to Longolius. Follow the views of a Westphalian scholar and contemporary of Erasmus and Melanchthon on the basis of our digital copies.